Friday, September 10, 2010

Password recover process for Unix like systems

This post will help you to change the root password of Unix flavors on RedHat, Fedora, etc...

1.Let the system to boot.When the Boot Loader is starting.......

press 'e' to enter the menu edition dialog box. Then you will come to the following screen.

2.Confirm by pressing 'Enter key' to edit the boot configurations. You will see the advanced boot configuration menu with all available boot images.
3.Again press 'e', where you will end-up with following screen.
4. Here you can to set the Kernel Run Level: simply add :' 1' as done on the above figure. Then you Enter and you will come back to the Advanced boot menu. There you just press letter 'b' to start booting the system.

5.What we have done above is to change the boot-loader settings to change the boot configurations to make a minimum boot with single user mode run level.
So as expected you will end-up with LOVING #: root level access, and further its infinite access to the system.

6. Noe you can change the password easily:
type 'passwd' and yourpassword twice.

Now its back to usual x windows:

just restart the system using:
init 6
or reboot
or restart

Enjoy Linux with your new root password!!

Remember-> When you login next time its with username root

Enjoy!!! :-)

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