Monday, February 27, 2012

Apache Bar Camp- Colombo 2012

Today sri lankan techies had a wonderful time with apache at UCSC on 
with the help of WSO2 and commitment of special apache people here at colombo.

The session was with 3 keynote speakers, started by Dr.sanjeewa weerawarna, CEO of WSO2. He was giving his valuable time for the newbees and followups with great information of his lifetime story with FOSS.

"The Apache Way" could bring the audience to the interesting of being part of the apache comminuty for the community in more long term basis. The simplest form of "Just F***** Do It" [JFDI] was introduced and mentored on the apache community. Meritocracy vs Democracy was a key on the success of apache, and was only used in case of a evading. Otherwise every individual was the key node on the apache community, not either a big part of huge business could break that synopsis.

Subversion system is the first time machine developed[only usable by committees], which make you secure on pushing any FOSS project on your way and give a try bu JFDI. Its secured, because in any case of fire... you can travel backward through your code base and fix your history to continue with greater attitude in the next comeback.Ross  Gardler was stunning on JDFI always.. ;)

So, its all about contribution to all apache with what you can, and its not what they MAY want from you. Let community to decide whether you path is on track and its your responsible to listen to them and make your contributions to better path.Your start might me embarrassing like all committees, members. But its the only way to make sure apache users may not get embarrassing.

So, there have bee the announcement of Google Summer Codes. Prepare you time for it as well.

I would like to thank Nick Burch, Ross, Dr.sanjeewa and the srilanan officials and the community for the great event.

Tomorrow is time for BigData at 2nd day. so its time to have a snap before being late tomorrow at virtusa auditorium.

see you with some words about BigData. Thank you.

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