Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to retrieve advances information from a domain name

Using piping few famous shell/bash command on a shell script can be used to get underlined important details about domain names and their servers:

host- this command can be used to get the IP address of a domain
whois- useful in retrieving details on a given IP address

What we do here is to transfer the domain name to host command and then pass its output to whois information server.Pipelining '|' is used to pass the value(its the fundamentals of shell scripting and Unix).

shell scripting is used to make the work easier with using loops and variables.

So, to do all of this all you wants is to make a shell script and run it.

make a .sh file and copy the following lines to it


#Edited @
#Read params 
# if no param URLs then echo a message and exit
[ $# -eq 0 ] &&
    echo "Usage: $0 ....";
    exit 1;
#iterate through all the given domain names
for dom in $_domain
#get the IP address of the domain name through famous shell string operations 
    _ipaddress=$(host $dom | grep 'has add' | head -1 | awk '{ print $4}')
    [ "$_ipaddress" == "" ] &&
        echo "Error: $dom is not valid domain or dns error. Check your firewall settings also.";
    echo "Getting information for domain: $dom [ $_ipaddress ]..."
# retrieve the informations strating with the selected details
    whois "$_ipaddress" | egrep -w 'OrgName:|City:|State:|Country:|OriginAS:|NetRange:'
    echo ""

Then assign the file executable file attributes 

chmod 755

Now its all about what who's information you wants..

Here is a test run on

go to the path where the .sh located and type this:

./ | less

Notice that i have added another command to the script here.

By removing: [

| egrep -w 'OrgName:|City:|State:|Country:|OriginAS:|NetRange:']  you can show all the information without filtering

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